R. Cort Ockfen
Lakewood, WA

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R. Cort Ockfen
Owner & Operator of Ockfen & Associates and
Ockfen Land Enterprises, LLC
Small Business Online Amplification Services
Lakewood, WA

Saturn Barter Sign-up Page

Welcome to Cort’s Saturn Barter sign up page.

This page only for Saturn Barter members. 

If you are interested in my social media advertising services, use this page to sign up.

Pricing is simple. All ad spend, whether on Google, Facebook, Twitter etc is done via you.  I don’t have access to your credit card. After signing up you will add me as an Ad manager (I will help you through this process).  My  management fees are 100% applicable to Saturn Barter dollars.

My fees are as follows: $150 a month per social media account with ad spend up to $500/ a month. Any monthly ad spend over $150 will charged an additional 15% be invoiced at the end of the month. So it is possible that you may have two invoices a month from me, especially if you are spending over $500 a month. Any questions? Email me at