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Untitled-2Updated July 2016. Our 12.49 acres of raw land situated in a close proximity to the Sunrise Master Planned Community (Pierce County) is currently FOR SALE.

We have created this land plan with Apex Engineering, Tacoma WA to help you realize potential. Contact Cort at if you are interested.

Land Plan

Letter Report for Ockfen Property
Apex Engineering #32333
August 31, 2012

Table of Contents
Section A –  Letter Report

Section B – Exhibits

1. Proposed Lot Configuration w/ Topography – Exhibit 1

2. Pierce County Assessor Map – Exhibit 2

3. 2011 Aerial Photos  – Exhibit 3

4. Contours & Zoning Map – Exhibit 4

5. Steep Slopes Exhibit – Exhibit 5

6. County Flood Hazard Map – Exhibit 6

7. County Wetlands Map – Exhibit 7

8. Morningview Estates Div. 2 Sanitary Sewer As-Built – Exhibit 8

9. Morningview Estates – Tacoma Water Service Map – Exhibit 9

10. Copy of recorded Access & Utility Easement – Exhibit 10

Section A Letter Report

Ockfen Property Parcel # 041925-2- 011

The subject site is 12.49 acres of raw land situated in a close proximity to the Sunrise Master Planned Community, specifically adjacent to and east of the North River PDD. The Morningview Estate Division 2 neighborhood lies south of an adjacent to the subject property. There is a steep slope on the eastern portion of the site which continues to eventually reach the Orting Valley floor. To the North is undeveloped, forested land.


The property has excellent view potential. The property slopes upward from the East to the West which will allow most, if not all, of the proposed lots a view of the Orting Valley and Mount Rainier.

Critical Areas

The property has not been specifically evaluated for wetlands. We recommend that a wetland recon be performed prior to further development design. While the available critical areas maps do not show any wetlands, the possibility still exists that there could be small wetlands on the site.

There are critical area slopes on the property. Most notable is the slope that forms the eastern portion o the property. Judging by other projects along the rim of the valley, this slope is best addressed by a building setback as determined by a Geo-Tech Engineer.

In the proposed layout prepared by Apex Engineering a setback of 50 feet has been assumed based on our past experience. A soils stability study could reduce or increase the assumed buffer. Such a study should be undertaken before further development design occurs on this site. There are other steep slopes on the site indicated on the County’s Critical Area Map. These areas are local in nature and should be eliminated in an engineered grading plan during future development activities.

The property does not lie in a floodplain.

During a site visit, no regulated flora or fauna was observed. However, if regulated plants or animas are observed on the site they MAY impact the development potential.


The property is currently zoned Residential Resource. This zoning allows for low

density single family residential use that is compatible with areas of unique open space character or environmental sensitivity. The maximum density allowed is 3 dwelling units per acre and the maximum building height is 35 feet. The proposed lot configuration meets the density requirements and it is anticipated that with the proper house design, all other zoning restrictions can be met.

Utilities and Access

Piped utilities and access are available from the south. The site is immediately North of Morningview Estates Division 2 and these are the following utilities available for extension.


Access is by way of a private road which forms 139 th Avenue East through Morningview Estates Division 2. The road is gated at the South line of Morningview so access will have to be coordinated with their Homeowner’s Association. They cannot deny access however, due to an ingress egress and utilities easement recorded under AFN 200102060282. The Brus property that adjoins this site on the North is party to the same easement so any design on this site must accommodate the ability for them to extend the road and utilities, at their expense, onto their site.

Sanitary Sewer

There is a manhole just South of this site’s southern boundary which has an 8” Stub extending North which has an invert elevation of 470.63. In reviewing this information in regard to the subject site we have determined that it is feasible to serve your site with sewer. It appears that 5 lots could be served by gravity sewer with the remaining 17 lots requiring grinder pumps. It should be noted that the grinder pumps are not normally a developer expense. The home builder normally provides the pump at time of building construction.

The sewer within Morningview Estates division 2 is transmitted via a sewer pump station. It should be determined at time of engineering design whether or not the pump station is adequate for the addition of this project without and upgrades.


There is a 12” main that extends to the south line of this site according to Tacoma Water records. This main is probably adequate to serve this site however a hydraulic study should be done at Preliminary Plat to verify it is.

Storm Sewer

The proposed lot configuration has made allowance for handling storm water runoff by creating a tract in the Northeast corner of the site. After engineering studies this area could be either a detention or infiltration pond, depending on the percolation rates in the immediate area of the facility.

Cabled Utilities and Natural Gas

These utilities are considered utilities of convenience, As such, their ability was not investigated at this time however, it is our experience that with the exception of natural gas these utilities are usually readily available.

Development Process

There are several stages in creating a finished project. Each of the stages adds value to the property.

The first stage is raw land. It is important to realize that the zoning and potential net yield of lots has a huge influence on the value of the property at this stage of development. Another factor in the value is whether or not there are natural advantages such as a waterfront or special views. This site has potentially spectaculars views.

The second stage of development is Preliminary Plat approval. This stage generally adds value by a multiplier of 4-7 over the raw land. This stage is fairly expensive to accomplish as there are several scientific studies that are usually required. There is also a SEPA approval to be obtained and a public hearing that is required. The process adds value because it gives certainty to the project. In order to develop, all you have to do is comply with the Hearing Examiner’s Conditions of Approval.

The third stage of development is Engineering Approval. This is when all of the constructions plans for the infrastructure are complete and approved. This stage adds considerable value because plan approval essentially constitutes a permit to move dirt. Many home builders buy the project at this stage to tailor the lots to their typical homes and realize a greater profit margin.

The fourth stage of development is the Final Plat Approval. This is the stage in which the individual lots are created. The project infrastructure must be either build or bonded to obtain this approval. Once the plat is recorded, the lots can be sold individually or collectively. The value of the lot is dependent on their location and desirability.

The final stage of development is the construction of the houses. The value gained here is dependent, of course, on the house that is built and how it fits the lot and the neighborhood desirability that few raw parcels of land enjoy.

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