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R. Cort Ockfen
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Lakewood, WA

Legend Data Systems – ID Unlimited

IDUIn 2002 I was hired to create a dual B2B and B2C commerce site for a leading photo identification and access security cards serving the Seattle area.

The project consisted of two diffent sites, for the majority of the B2B and, the B2C component.

I designed both sites to use the same database. Read in detail my contributions to this company below.

Project Dates: 2002-2009

This classic ASP e-commerce site was built entirely from scratch to our client’s specifications. Shopping cart checkout included a number of custom configurations to incorporate checkout of complex configuration of card printers. We also created and maintained a ‘custom card builder’ for the bulk ordering of blank plastic cards.

A detailed ‘admin’ area was built for easy administration of web orders via the staff at Legend Data Systems.

This site used classic ASP, javascript and HTML. A number of SEO techniques were used and experimented with. Used Google Analytics and Sitemaps.

We did introduce some new marketing concepts for Legend Data Systems. existed before the major use of social media, so most of our online marketing was done through  SEO, Google Adwords, and email newsletters using Constant Contact. We also helped in the design of some print flyers. –