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More on “Cort’s Conversion Tracking”

First of all – What are these Conversions you are talking about?

I am talking about e-commerce conversions. In most cases it’s a sale of a product through online checkout, but it can also be a sign-up or even as simple as a “page like”. And in this case I specifically specialize in conversions using the Facebook Pixel and Google’s Conversion Tracking.

Who is this service for?

Best fit for my services are SMB’s in the Puget Sound area with at least $30 per day in online advertising spend. 

What’s a Conversion?

It depends on your business goals, but typically a completed online order, a newsletter subscriber, a phone call, an appointment. These business end goals can all be obtained using Cort’s Conversion Tracking.

Learn More about Conversions from the experts themselves. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’ve included some excellent explanations of how Conversions are used by people like me.

More information on Google Conversions

An okay video by Google on Adwords Conversion Tracking below:

More information on Facebook Conversions:

Link to Facebook explaining Conversion Tracking.

Excellent summary video made by Facebook below:

Read more on the Pinterest Conversion Tag.

Video about Pinterest Conversions.

Pinterest Conversions

Tell me about your (business) problems …


The road to successful Conversions is a road full of many questions.

Here’s some thoughts.

I find this to be an exciting time in advertising on Facebook. It reminds me of where we were with Google advertising 10 years ago. We are having a lot of beginner’s luck on this platform. Who knows if it will last, I would jump on it ASAP.

Google advertising is still awesome. Especially if you really benefit from ‘search’ based queries into your business.

Twitter? I heavily leverage this platform. Contact me to learn how I do it.

Some Strategies to consider on these platforms …

  • Local targeting
  • Building followers/Gaining likes
  • Customer Engagement
  • More, let’s talk!
  • Beacons
  • Geotargeting
  • Lookalike Audiences

Is this SEO (search engine optimization)?

I have developed deep cynicism over the term SEO having been in the industry for a number. They way I’d explain it is – I offer my personally tailored SEO and ad services. It is my own kind of SEO. But it heavily leverages the power of paid advertising. I have learned that the labor involved in a true organic SEO experience is best spent on a hybrid paid and organic campaign.

Once you have a decent base to advertise to you can amplify your reach to high converting reservoir of new customers and potential revenue.