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R. Cort Ockfen
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Lakewood, WA

Fine Bathroom

‘Fine Bathroom’ was one of my affiliate sites I created an operated for a number of years. It was part of my Fine Collective, a collection of home decor related websites I created as web project. I sold bathroom hardware and decor.

I was able to consume my merchants’ product feeds and easily display it on my webpages using ASP.NET. I was able to render it as indexable HTML which compared to Javascript options, at the time, was a secret towards getting Google traffic since I was creating Google indexable content.

The web project consisted of ‘web stores’ and using SEO I would drive search traffic to my sites with the end goal of leading to online purchases

All transactions were completed on the merchants’ websites. I would earn a commission if my traffic resulted in sales.

I retired this site after changes made to Google’s algorithm made it difficult rank well using this technology. I decided to retire the project.

Project Dates: 2002-2009

My goal for this website was to create an attractive gallery of products based on my own product categories and groupings. I would research my own products  to stay up on the latest home decor and bathroom remodeling styles and techniques.

This website was part of a Visual Studio solution that I created.

It was built in primarily in HTML and C# in the Visual Studio ASP.NET.

I utilized a lot of web services and product feeds for publishing.

I worked with some of the largest vendors on Linkshare and Commission Junction.

I created a Facebook page and a Twitter presence to tie in the branding between sites and for marketing and publishing purposes.

You can still find my Twitter account here:

The Fine Bathroom Facebook page has been unpublished. –