R. Cort Ockfen
Lakewood, WA

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R. Cort Ockfen
Owner & Operator of Ockfen & Associates and
Ockfen Land Enterprises, LLC
Small Business Online Amplification Services
Lakewood, WA

Billing Explained

Cort's Conversion Tracking Billing

My advertising consulting services are subscription based ‘by the month’, on a month-to-month basis. My ad network subscription fee is $150 per month, per ad network. Additionally, I charge a typical agency fee of 15% of your advertising spend, or $150 a month, whichever is more. Meaning, unless you spend over $1000 a month in online advertising on more than one ad network, my fee will be only $150 a month per ad network (FB, Google etc).

As you’ll notice my pricing structure is incentively tied to the success of my management of your campaigns. 

I use Facebook Business Manager and Google’s MMC to manage your accounts. This allows for you to keep your own account separate from mine. You are just granting me access to your account.
I will not have access to your credit card number! Your options for paying me are by check or online. I provide a secure payment gateway to pay your bill with me here. If you mail your check, please give me a few days to update your online balance.

My pricing is also affordable enough for businesses to experiment with online advertising without breaking the bank, while staying on budget.

To help you envision how billing for Cort’s Conversion Tracking would go,  I have posted some billing examples below.

Billing Examples

If you wanted to spend $1000.00 month of ad spend on Facebook –  my fee for the month would be $150. So for the month your total ‘out of pocket’ would be $1150.00. $1000 of it billed by Facebook, and $150 billed by me.

You just want to test the market and only want to spend $250 on Facebook ads? My monthly fee would still be $150. Your out-of-pocket for this month would be $400. $250 billed by Facebook and $150 billed by me.

Your business wants to spend $500 a month on online advertising split evenly between Google and Facebook. My fee would be $300 a month ($150 per network, Google and Facebook). Your out-of-pocket would be $800 $250 billed by Google, $250 to Facebook, $300 by me. Starting to make sense?

Your business wants conversion tracking on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter ads. In one month you want to spend $750 on Google, $750 on Facebook, $250 on Twitter, and $250 on Pinterest. Your monthly management fee with me would be $900 = $600 + $300 (15% of your spend – $2K). That’s on top of the $2000 billed by Facebook etc, respectively. So your out of pocket costs would be $2900.  Make sense?

Any additional questions, email me!