R. Cort Ockfen
Lakewood, WA

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R. Cort Ockfen
Owner & Operator of Ockfen & Associates and
Ockfen Land Enterprises, LLC
Small Business Online Amplification Services
Lakewood, WA

Cort’s Conversion Tracking

My business offering for 2018. Exciting times, folks...

Cort's Conversion Tracking

This is a business service, not a religious one.

Consider yourself lucky to have found …

Cort's Conversion Tracking

Uh, What is this?

“Cort’s Conversion Tracking” is my 2018 business service (see my past offerings here) specializing in converting web traffic into profitable e-commerce results for my clients. My “Tracking” is my own combination of the ‘latest and greatest’ web technologies like SEO, PPC management, social media and other tricks specific to your industry, whatever the latest trends are, for identifying and targeting your customers.

Summary: I manage your company’s advertising campaigns (mostly online) for a fee. I use websites, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Pinterest ads and content to get my clients profitable conversions. 

Main aspects of my service:

  • PPC Ad management
  • Negative Keywords
  • Geotargeting
  • Beacons
  • ROI tracking
  • Call to Actions
  • Chatbots
  • Click to Call

What’s a Conversion?
A completed online order, a newsletter subscriber, a call, an appointment. These business end goals can all be obtained using Cort’s Conversion Tracking. Learn more here – More on Conversions.

Who is it for?
Best fit for my services and SMB’s in the Puget Sound area with at least $30 per day in online advertising spend.

Are you qualified for this?

Why as a matter of fact I am. I have two college degrees. A BA from WWU and a ‘Web Multimedia Authoring’ degree from Bellevue College. I’ve been doing e-commerce as my own business since 2001. As far as conversion tracking, I have been doing Google conversion tracking since the ‘early days’ back when they had their offered their Google Advertising Services certification and I maintained my Google Advertising Professional certification.

What do you mean by Therapy?

By “Tracking” I mean business consultation (ad management).
Sorry if you thought it was actually some sort of bigfoot hunter.
As far as this tracking is concerned. I create ads and using the latest web technologies, drive traffic to your site and convert sales to help you make money online. It’s my specialty.