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Lakewood, WA

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R. Cort Ockfen
Owner & Operator of Ockfen & Associates and
Ockfen Land Enterprises, LLC
Small Business Online Amplification Services
Lakewood, WA

Bristow’s Exclusive Auto

In 2010 Pete Bristow hired me to revamp his local business website here in Tacoma. We used his recent branding change to move his site towards a sleek dark look that looked really nice in 2010.

I worked to increase his local business Google search results and worked hard to increase his social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Auto mechanic businesses have access to many different ERP’s that nowadays typically include a website. Pete has long since moved on from the site I built him in 2010, but we still are friends and get our car serviced at his shop.

Project Dates: 2010-2011

I was hired me to redesign and revamp his auto mechanic business’s online presence in Tacoma. I helped redesign is site to match the new branding on the building and print materials, increase his SEO and launch his social media presence.

I subcontracted with both a graphic designer and an intern coder for this project.

This site was created from scratch in HTML. It was originally mocked-up in Photoshop.

Businesses like these move their websites often, depending on what ERP the company is using.

At this time ERPs weren’t as developed, so this site was designed as a stand-alone.

Most of Bristow’s marketing, during the time I worked for Pete, was in local print, supermarket ads etc. I did help Pete start to focus more on his web tools at the time. I helped them get more involved with this Facebook account and I also created a Twitter account for local networking.