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What I'm up to for 2019

Social Media for Business continues

Along with the usual promos like email blasts, sales and specials, and new product promos – social media and targeted marketing continue to be some of the hardest hitting tools at the moment. I like to use social media, email, SMS and your CRM tools. I am always on the look out for custom audiences for my clients, using the powerful tools out there at my disposal.

See below for all my offerings for 2019. Building e-commerce driven business through hybrid paid and organic campaigns are still the best performing platforms for my clients. I like to focus on funneling audiences and cross marketing on my own channels. You can read more about it in the sections below.

I believe that my most important value-add to your company is my constant forward thinking and discovery of technologies and strategies that create up and coming communities. This pioneering spirit is why I think I am an excellent value-add to your company. Hire me now.

Cort's Conversion Tracking

My e-commerce ads conversion tracking service

Hire me to manage your online ads. I specialize Conversion Tracking, allowing my clients good ROI data.
Learn more about Cort’s Conversion Tracking, my Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook e-commerce and advertising tracking service. It is typically a monthly service where I charge a percentage of your ad spend to manage it for you.

Puget Sound Area Marketing

SEO and Social Media Solutions for the Puget Sound area

(Includes my own channels)

Interested hiring me for solid local brand building and social media management? I specialize the greater Puget Sound area local marketing solutions for small businesses. I bring to the table a unique network that I have been working on for over 10 years. I am also a senior web designer with over 20 years experience. This gives my service a leg-up on other managers. Contact me to learn more about my network and how I do what I do.

Washington State Only

i502 and legal cannabis marketing. Available in Washington State only. 21+ only.

(Includes my own channels)

I can help with Washington i502 cannabis marketing. I know what it takes to be compliant and successful in today’s hyper-competitive cannabis market.

I can guarantee early morning delivery of your Daily Specials, I move Overstock, I give Branding support for your storefront. Exposure and brand recognition for for Tier 1-3 producers in Washington State. Work with me to guarantee your cannabis brand’s success.

I have had some success recently in Cannabis SEO. These strives I feel could be beneficial to my clients. Contact me for specifics on how to leverage my Cannabis SEO services to benefit your legal cannabis business in Washington State.

Client Support

For my clients. Use the form to submit any changes or requests

Looking for help with an existing project with Cort Ockfen & Associates,  or support for one of my legacy projects? Leave me a message with as many details as you can. Reminder: do not send passwords or usernames through this form.

About Me

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Learn more about Cort. Ockfen & Associates, Ockfen Land Enterprises, LLC, Find my resume, my work history and my current status in life.

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Looking for Ockfen Land Enterprises, LLC?

Ockfen Land Enterprises, LLC

Current Status: FOR SALE

Looking for information on Ockfen Land Enterprises, LLC? Find PDFs of our land plan and any other information.

An exciting opportunity for a local community developer. We are looking for either a cash out sale or a full term equity partner. Contact me for more info.